But at least the ceiling's very pretty

I'm a pale intruder on an unknown beach.

I get so much shit on this irl. Seriously, my eating choices are having nothing to do with anyone but myself. I’m not out to influence anyone or change them or anything; people can eat whatever the fuck they want. I don’t care. I eat what I want, they eat what they want, we all win. I’m not morally superior to anyone, nor will I ever be. I don’t even want to be above anyone. My eating habits are my own business. People who go crazy over their eating habits and shove it in everyone else’s faces and tell the world their way is the best way and preach it out constantly to those they see as inferior are wrong. They are wrong and need to get off their high-horse. Please, my veganism is my own choice. I don’t want to influence other’s eating habits. People will eat whatever works for them. I don’t like being judged and criticized constantly for being vegan, just like carnists (people who willingly consume animal products) don’t like being judged and criticized for eating animal products. Stop the eating wars, people. I swear, our society just sucks at coexisting…race, religion, lifestyles, everything. Seriously. 
You are all your own person, so eat however the fuck you want to, do what feels right to you, and let everyone else have the freedom to eat what they want to also. What I eat is my personal choice, and that’s all it will ever be. 
  • 20 June 2012
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